Chalmers Writing Guide

Just in time for the new term, we have made some improvements to the Chalmers writing guide to help with your upcoming assignments.

Looking for some examples of how to write an introduction or discussion section in a report or thesis? Check out those sections under “thesis and report writing”. Wondering about whether you can use “we” in your text? Check out “FAQs”.  And don’t forget you can use the same link to book a time at the Chalmers Writing Centre for a tutoring session if you need some extra assistance with writing or any other written or oral assignment. The tutors are happy to help!

Our goal is that the Chalmers writing guide should meet your writing needs in your courses. If you have any suggestions for sections, get in touch at

And if you’re interested in a language and communication course, check out FSP046 English for Engineers. There are still some spaces on the course for the autumn.

/Becky Bergman

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